The production of glass has a deep history. Glass has enjoyed continued artistic advancements that can be traced back to the the ancient Phoenicia, Egypt, and Roman cultures. Later periods of advancement occurred in German, French, Venetian, and British communities, which subsequently spread globally to include the vibrant glass cultures of America, Canada and Japan.

Glass-making techniques continued to become more sophisticated and this helped to support artistic growth, which then resulted in yet further developments of how glass could be fashioned and produced. With a better understanding of glass production techniques, artists could now more fully control color-hues, color-saturation, color-shading, luminosity, glass-transparency, and glass-texturing. Developments also arose in terms of etching, specialized-cutting, and hand-blowing methodologies. This body of knowledge and the accompanied skill-sets enabled glass-maestros to produce artworks that expressed more fully their original intentions and designs.

Ethereal Art carries many styles of art-glass, notably hand-blown pieces that highlight not only the dynamic flow of kiln-heated glass, but also the marvelous creativity of unique and original artists.